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Aztec Solutions is a division of the Aline Group which has been operating in the Manawatu region for more than 15 years. Over this period of time we have built a solid reputation for reliability, rigorous quality control, and strong, loyal customer and supplier relationships. We are experienced in the construction industry, and have expanded to incorporate all rainwater systems including Continuous Fascia & Spouting, and Roofing.

Aline Group has identified an ever-persistent problem of leaks around roof penetrations resulting in the expansion and diversification of products. This has lead us to the SOLAR LIGHTING area where Aztec’s skylight systems eliminate the need for flashings and weather-proofing. 

Our vision to enhance New Zealand’s beautiful environment is supported by harnessing the sun’s energy to brighten our surroundings. Aztec’s skylight systems don’t transfer heat/chill indoors from external conditions such as traditional skylight systems do. We believe this can contribute to reducing cooling/heating energy costs within a home.


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