Aztec Solutions provides complete solar lighting solutions to customers across New Zealand. We are experts in the installation of illume solar lighting in New Zealand. We serve residential and commercial clients, and can take on projects of any size. Whether we’re installing in your current home or as part of a new construction, we will find a way to install your new skylight alternative system without disrupting you more than necessary.

We are proud to be the tradesmen of choice for New Zealand’s first ever indoor solar light. This distinction allows us to give more home and business owners in New Zealand and across the country the choice to switch to cost-efficient solar lights.

Planning on building your dream home? Talk to us about the placement of your illumeTM sky lighting system.

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Need more light in that dark, dingy space? You can now add the harmonious aesthetic of sky lighting to your home without learning a trade.

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The illumeTM sky lighting system can be used in practically any commercial setting including apartments, shopping centres, warehouses etc.

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The illumeTM sky lighting system is very easy to install however, if you need assistance we are happy to help.

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The Illume Skylight Alternative System

The illume skylight system encapsulates modern lighting it has fewer parts and is much easier to install. Regular sunlight requires structural intervention and is not fit for use in several spaces. With a illume™, you can have lighting in any room of your home, without having a large open shaft taking up space in your attic.

Even without the assistance of tradesmen, illume’s DIY system makes it easy for anyone to perform the installation. This is possible through the elimination of a light shaft, which used to make sunlight installation impossible in certain situations.

Learn more details about the installation by watching our introduction video or getting in touch with us today.

A new illume™ skylight system  
that you can install anywhere.

The illume™ skylight alternative system adds the ambience of lighting to buildings where under normal circumstances a traditional skylight could not be fitted. If you are building, renovating, or designing a living space you can now include the harmonious aesthetic of sky lighting in your home without learning a trade.

The illume easy do-it-yourself system can be easily installed by practically anyone. You won’t need tradesmen, you don’t need to install a light tube or flexible shaft. Check out how easy it is to install by viewing our introduction video.

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