Commercial Solar Lighting Systems

Aztec Solutions offers commercial solar lighting. Modern and with little to zero running costs, you will discover tremendous value in investing in sun-powered natural lighting.

The overhead costs for lighting can get surprisingly expensive. Between the equipment, maintenance, repairs and energy costs, all elements often take up a huge part of a home or office’s annual energy budget. If you want to decrease your lighting expenses, imagine running your home or office on solar lighting for much of the day. The decrease in energy costs would be immense and as the system matures, your expenditures will go down even further. Our tradesmen are experts in installing the full suite of commercial solar lighting products from illumeTM, ensuring that every part of the job will meet the strictest standards. On the other hand, using illumeTM commercial lighting means you will be utilising modern solar lighting technology.

Lighting systems from illumeTM are much easier to install and maintain because there are no shafts or light tubes.. Furthermore, should their default dimensions be incompatible with your requirements, rest assured that you can get bespoke lighting models with the right measurements.

The use of solar lighting in your commercial property goes a long way in saving you and your business money. Whether you are installing ina warehouse, shopping complex, apartment, office or school, the illumeTM system is ideal and beneficial in many ways.

Aztec Solutions is capable of delivering outstanding solar lighting products for your commercial buildings as well as providing aninstallation service: we will not disrupt your operations and we will make sure it will fit right. You can also count on us for all your home and commercial solar lighting installation.

Make one of the best business decisions and take your business to the next level in terms of corporate and social responsibility. Call us for more information today!