Indoor Solar Light Products

Turn to Aztec Solutions if you have plans of switching from traditional light bulbs to modern and stylish indoor solar lights. We are a certified installer of illumeTM shaftless skylight systems, one of the best indoor solar lights on the market. As the supplier of the first solar lights in New Zealand, quality is an ever-present feature in our products. We will deliver a smooth service; we will not disrupt your daily life while ensuring that you will enjoy the full benefits of an indoor solar light.

By combining the versatility of illumeTM skylights and our experience in the trade, trust that you can count on us every step of the way. You can use an illume system anywhere in your home, even in rooms where no light can enter.

Aztec Solutions is committed to helping every customer in transitioning to the use of natural lighting. Whether you have enquiries regarding a particular product or want to clarify how the whole thing works, we are ready to provide all the solutions you need.

How Does It Work

illumeTM is far from the traditional solar skylight manufacturer and they do not manufacture traditional solar skylights. Instead, each of their products features shaftless architecture that makes installation so much easier on every level. In its place is a transfer cable that connects the solar panel on the roof and the panel in the room. The solar panel converts the energy that the transfer cable transmits to the skylight. It is quite efficient and the skylight automatically adjusts according to the conditions outside.

We encourage customers to buy the indoor solar light model that fits the room size appropriately. By doing so, you will not stretch the intensity of the skylight and ensure full illumination. Rest assured that you can count on us to provide support. Call us today.