Indoor Lights

On top of being the first of its kind in New Zealand, illumeTM prioritizes quality above all, and we at Aztec Solutions can relate. We strive to adhere to the same principles with our services and work hard to give customers the products and services they deserve.

The range of standard solar skylights from illumeTM is unrivalled in New Zealand. With 11 products to choose from, theillumeTM has something for all budgets, room size or intended light intensities. All throughout our years of service, only illumeTM has been able to consistently deliver excellent solar lighting at fantastic value. Efficient in transferring sunlight, they have proved time and again that they are the foremost choice in alternative lighting sources.

If you intend to switch to skylights, you should know that the intensity of the illumination will depend on the sunlight condition outside. As such, it will slowly move from faint to its starkest from morning to midday and will end at sunset. We can supply and install an AC/DC converter for a light at night and an on/off switch for day time.

When choosing, we encourage customers to pick the right models for the right spaces. Modest solar lighting can only cover small areas and large ones can accommodate the lighting requirements for bigger rooms. Nevertheless, we are here to help you find the perfect option. You can count on our service to be there every step of the way, from start to finish.

Call Aztec Solutions anytime. We welcome enquiries from all customers, whether you are ready to buy or need to clarify things. Give us a chance to prove the value of our products and show youwhat an illume™ shaftless skylight can do for you.

Prices include GST and freight within NZ