Solar Manholes

Finding suitable lighting solutions for darker areas of a house has long been a problem for homeowners everywhere. With the help of illumeTM, Aztec Solutions is able to offer a manhole lighting system as a way of illuminating the dim rooms inside your home.

As stated in its name, manhole systems are best for rooms inside the house that sunlight cannot reach. Furthermore, the systems from illumeTM do not require a major gutting of the ceiling and the roof. Their products are shaftless and use a transfer cable to transmit energy from the solar panel to the manhole system. The intensity of the light will vary according to external conditions, but the system will always deliver a visible light source.

Aztec Solutions are a reliable supplier & installer of manholes and indoor solar lights. Our team will ensure that everything is clean and clear from start to finish.

Whether you need a unit for a room on the ground floor or the attic, you can count on Aztec Solutionsto get the job done. The way illumeTM built their manhole system makes it much easier for us to install it and not leave a huge mess afterwards.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the different illumeTM systems and how we can help.

Product Features
  • Suits standard 450-600mm ceiling joist centres
  • Introduces the ambiance of sky-lighting indoors
  • Fully solar-powered with no operating costs
  • Safely illuminates your roof cavity when occupied
  • Paintable, Hi-impact white plastic frame
  • 50,000 hour life cycle
Model KISKMH01-01 KISHMH02-01 KISHMH03-01
Size: 450 X 600mm 600 X 600mm 450 X 450mm
Cut-Out Size: 403 X 553mm 553 X 553mm 403 X 403mm
Lumens:*  1893-2103lm 2002-2224lm 1381-1534lm
*Direct sunlight. Specifications subject to change without notice.



Prices include GST and freight within NZ